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How Can Posture Tracking Help Your Long-Term Health?

Do you struggle to remember your posture, regardless of how good your intentions are? Or maybe you’ve started your journey to a healthier posture, but are finding it difficult to monitor how you’re going? If you answered “yes” to either of these, posture tracking may be just the thing to help.

Why Some People Struggle With Posture Long-Term

Like a lot of resolutions, improving your posture is with fantastic benefits and is easy to make – but difficult to stick to. Many people find they only notice their posture when it’s bad, and while a quick correction is never a bad thing, it is all too easy to slump back into an unhealthy position, especially if you’re feeling tired or demotivated (or both).

There are ways to fix this now, through posture sensors in clothing, apps with in-built coaching, and posture tracking.

Posture Tracking: Explained

As the name suggests, posture tracking is all about using technology to help measure and track your posture, and how your habits are changing. Posture tracking is available as part of Posture360’s dedicated app, which uses sensor technology to help you stay mindful of your positioning, coupled with tracking to help you get the full picture on whether or not you’re meeting your goals.

When used with a virtual posture coach, such as the one in our posture sense app, this technology can help you understand your habits, so you have all the information you need to keep improving them.

Who Is Posture Tracking Meant For?

Posture tracking is a tool that can help anyone on the path to a healthier posture. However, it is best suited to people looking to keep tabs of their posture, with a goal in mind (even something as simple as maintaining a healthier position throughout the day), or for people who are finding it to be a struggle to remember their posture regularly.

In either of the above cases, posture sensors can be a perfect way to start seeing results, through gentle reminders designed to help you pay attention to your posture while you go about your day. When paired with digital coaching, results can be faster to see, and easier to keep track of.

Start making noticeable improvements to your posture today – get posture sensors with posture tracking connectivity here.


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