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Can Sensors Help Your Posture At Work?

Do you ever notice you’ve got back pain and posture problems after a long day at work?

It might not be just fatigue – it could be an indication of a posture problem. Sensors might be just the thing you need to help.

How Work Affects Your Posture

We do business in a range of environments, each of which affect our posture at work in different ways. Many people work in offices, in chairs and at desk that are not necessarily designed to benefit your posture. Others are on their feet for most (if not all) of their time at work, which brings about different considerations as well.

We spent an enormous chunk of our lives at work, especially for those working full-time or multiple jobs. As such, it is incredibly important to ensure your posture at work is a healthy one.

The Common Dangers of Poor Posture At Work

Spending eight hours a day sitting in a chair that is bad for your back puts you at risk of serious, long-term impacts, as does standing and leaning with a poor posture for the majority of your working life. These long-term implications have been shown to lead to complications and pain in the neck, shoulders and back, part of what makes posture-related problems the leading cause of disability worldwide.

These complications can be incredibly costly to correct or ease when taking into account professional healthcare costs, as well as lost income through missed work.

Steps You Can Take to Help Yourself

Thankfully, the news isn’t all bad. There are a number of steps you can take to aid your posture at work. Ergonomically-designed furniture has been around for a few decades now, which can be a great help especially for those working in offices.

Newer technology, such as the award-winning posture sensors designed by Posture360 are a great way to be mindful of your posture at work, whether you’re standing or sitting.

How Does It All Work?

The sensors are attached to clothing, which can be worn at home, as an undershirt in the office, or even as workout clothing. They detect when your posture begins to slip into an unhealthy trend and give you a gentle nudge through vibrations. When connected through Bluetooth to Posture360’s dedicated app, they can offer you deeper insight into your posture habits, and give you tips on how you can improve.

Ready to improve your posture at work, and leave the office feeling fresher? Get your posture sensor clothing today.


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