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Can Posture Sensors Correct Your Posture and Help Ease Back Pain?

Trying to find a smarter way to correct your posture and ease back pain? Posture sensors may be what you’re looking for.

Posture problems are one of the most wide-spread health problems facing humankind – poor posture often leads to back, neck and shoulder problems, conditions which can dramatically reduce quality of life and be costly to correct once problems have developed.

The Risks of Poor Posture

Poor posture comes attached with long-term ailments. 80% of adults experience back pain in their lifetime, while preventative measures are available and can reduce the risk of health

complications later in life. Estimates for how much is spent worldwide on posture-related treatments vary, but tend to be in the region of $435 billion per year, with the potential to rise further in the next few years.

Are Posture Sensors the Answer To Your Back Pain?

Posture sensors are not as well-known as some other products, yet have been shown to be a great way of improving long-term health in people of all ages. Attaching technology to clothing

provides a smart and effective way of staying mindful of your posture and, in turn, easing back and shoulder pain. Many people find that despite their best intentions, bad habits are ingrained and difficult to break – this is often realised by suddenly becoming aware of your posture and realising you’ve been slumping at your desk, for example.

Okay, So What’s Next?

Thankfully, posture sensors are designed to help combat bad habits (especially when you don’t notice it yourself). Sensors attached to clothing give you a gentle reminder when your good work begins to slip, helping you go about your day as normal while kicking your health goals.

These are as useful in your day-to-day life as they are while at work or exercising (whether outdoors or in the gym). This makes them a versatile option for people of different ages and demographics looking to improve their health.

Who Posture Sensors Are Right For

While incredibly versatile, posture sensors are particularly helpful for adults juggling busy schedules such as work, exercising, looking after a family and maintaining a social life. As the day progresses and fatigue sets in, it is natural to slump more – posture sensors help the wearer maintain a healthy position throughout the day, no matter the tasks they are undertaking.

For more posture tips and to get your sensors, click here.


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