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Can Posture Correction Save You Money On Healthcare?

Are you looking to do some posture correction, but worried it’ll cost you money?

The health and fitness sectors are among the most profitable in the world, and continue to grow rapidly. We spend a lot of money on gym memberships and exercise equipment every year, to the point that being healthy is sometimes considered to be an expensive hobby – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The True Cost of Your Health

How much we spend on staying fit and healthy is difficult to truly pin down, and varies by region, but studies have shown the average American spends close to $2,000 USD on their fitness every year – and that’s not including healthcare for injuries or hospital-based posture correction.

It is absolutely true that your health is worth more than money – but there must be a better (and cheaper) way to look after yourself…

Where Your Posture Comes Into It

Your posture has a huge effect on your overall physical health, and has even been shown to affect mental health as well. Poor posture often leads to back, neck and shoulder pain, and upwards of $435 billion is spent on posture correction and posture-related treatments globally every year. That’s without taking into account that posture-related problems are the second most-common reason for missed work and office unproductivity.

Is Posture Correction Possible Without Breaking the Bank?

Thanks to advancements in technology, posture correction can be done at home or at work, and is far cheaper than healthcare costs attached to treating posture-related health problems. Most people find they need more assistance than simply trying to remember to sit up straight at the office all day, and the range of technologies now readily available means it is more possible than ever to commit to posture correction and improving your health.

What Assistance is Available?

Posture correction technology comes in the form of sensors that detect when your posture begins to slip, and give you a gentle reminder to be mindful of your position. The posture sensors developed by Posture360 connect to a dedicated mobile app via Bluetooth to give you detailed analysis on your posture habits, and offer you tips on how to live the best you can.

These technologies are readily available and can save you thousands on posture-related healthcare costs over the course of your lifetime.

To get started on your posture correction journey, click here.


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