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Can Clothing Fix Your Workout Posture?

Are you someone that likes to keep active? If you are, you’ll likely already be conscious of a lot of different aspects of your health, but many people, no matter how experienced they are, forget about their workout posture.

How Important is Your Workout Posture?

As anyone who has done a back injury through sport or hitting the gym will tell you, your workout posture is incredibly important. This extends to all parts of your life including while you’re at work or at home, but when you’re running or lifting heavy weights your posture becomes even more important.

Weightlifting puts strain on certain parts of your body, which, when done correctly, can lead to muscle growth. However improper technique and poor workout posture can put strain on unintended areas (such as your back) and lead to serious injury. For runners (especially new ones), poor posture can lead to increased muscle soreness and the dreaded “shin splints”.

What Does Improved Posture Do For You?

Improving your posture in any facet of your life does wonders for your overall health. As you improve your posture, you reduce your risk of developing neck, back and shoulder pain – the leading cause of disability worldwide.

Improving your workout posture not only helps you be more effective in the gym, but greatly reduces your chance of a posture-related injury.

What is There To Help?

Specially-designed clothing to help people with their posture is a new market transforming the long-term health of countless people. Posture360’s award-winning posture sensor technology is helping people improve their posture through clothing with sensors attached to give you a gentle nudge when your posture habits begin to slip.

These sensors can be worn as an undershirt at work, doing day-to-day activities, or even as an aid to your workout posture. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, our dedicated app gives you detailed information on your posture habits throughout the entire time the sensors are worn, and offer you tips and exercises to help you make improvements.

Staying active is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re logging hours in the gym or out hitting the running tracks, your workout posture is vital to keeping strong and healthy, and avoiding preventable injuries in both the short and long-term. To start getting a clearer picture on your posture habits, get posture-focused clothing today.


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