Every day, we wake, eat, sit at work, stand, move throughout the day, and sleep.
The cycle repeats the next day.
This repetitive behavior of life can throw off our balance if we do not take care.
By the time we realize, unfortunately, it’s too late.

One part of our body that is vital to our balance is our spine.
It’s the center of our body, from which everything revolves on and where our body connects
with the quality our lives, our happiness, and our relationships.

It’s time that we pay attention to our posture.
Bad posture keeps us from being active and from living our lives to the fullest.

That’s what we are here for. Posture 360 products are designed to support you live your life.

With Posture 360, life goes full circle!

Love Balance. Love Life.

To enrich our customer’s lives

by helping them achieve balance and a healthy posture.
To help people love balance and love life

by innovating revolutionary product experiences.

A world where people are living their lives 360 degrees full circle,

morning, day and night.

We believe that every function of the human body begins with posture in which our entire life revolves.
It connects us to our health, happiness, and relationships.
The Posture360 symbol represents the cross section of our spine, where the outer ringare the bones
that keep us strong while the inner ring represents
circle of life and the blood circulating with vitality through our muscles.
It’s time we spend every minute of our day doing things that are precious to us and our loved ones,
doing activities that are worth living for, not taking time away.

With Posture360, life goes full circle!